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Vote With UKIP For Proportional Representation

Support our campaign for proportional representation (PR) so that everyone's vote counts.


39 countries use the D'Hont system of proportional representation. The UK used this system for the election of MEPs which explains why UKIP won the 2014 European Election.


Once again our voting system has failed the electorate. The new parliament in 2015 does not match the way you voted. Proportional Representation is the only way that the people's choice will be truly reflected in parliament.


IMPORTANT: The system called AV (Alternative Vote) would produce the same bad result as in 2015.


Almost 4 million people voted for UKIP, but this resulted in only one parliamentary seat.
With the D'Hont system of Proportional Representation, UKIP would have achieved 83 seats.


Most importantly, more people will vote if they know that their choice won't be ignored as it is under the present system. Many would-be UKIP voters, assumed that their vote would not count under the present system and decide to vote against the Euro-fanatical parties (Lib Dems and Labour). They voted Conservative in the hope that David Cameron would honour his promise and hold an in/out referendum in 2017.


The right hand graph below shows what would have happened in 2015 under the D'Hont system of PR.

2015 election results compared

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